2024 Payak Winners and Awards

Go to the Results page to see the link to the 2024 Payak results posted on Zone4. Here are other winners and awards:

  • Salomon classic package winner – Christopher Rowntree
  • Salomon skate package winner – Chris Bowlby
  • Ideal time 15k women – Jory Winter
  • Ideal time 15k men – Tim Morrow
  • Ideal time 25K women – Sarah Runzer
  • Ideal time 25K men – Harrison Phillips
  • Ideal time 50k women –  Tamsin Wilding 
  • Ideal time 50k men – Steve Wilson
  • Cheryl Morningstar Award – Andreas Inkster and Braden Harris Irvine 
  • Sigge Bjorkland Award – Jay Audenart and Sophie Firth
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