2023 Maps and Profiles

Below are the maps for the courses at Whistler Olympic Park (WOP).

For the Virtual Challenge, you may ski the distance for which you registered using a combination of your own choice at WOP, including all the courses listed below (15, 25, 30 or 50 km, 10 km sit ski, 5 km Payak Mini), or at another venue if you are unable to access WOP. For advanced skiers only, we have provided a map for a single-loop 50 km course, which consists of one lap of the main 50 km course plus an additional 25 km section that includes some of the Callaghan Country trails, which are not groomed on Wednesday and Thursday. Please print out the map (see link in the table below) and take it with you because this section is not signed. Note that the 30 km course is used for the Virtual Challenge only.

This is a free technique event, which means you can skate or classic ski. For those that plan to use the classic technique only, you can indicate this when you register. We list the technique selected by registrants in the results so that you can compare yourself to others also doing classic. However, there are no separate awards for those doing classic only.

Course Description Course Map Course Profile

15 km

Loppet (Classic & Skate) 15 km Map 15 km Profile

30 km

Loppet (Classic & Skate) – Virtual Challenge only 30 km Map 30 km Profile

25/50 km

Loppet (Classic & Skate); one loop – 25 km

Single-Loop 50 km – 25 km unsigned add-on for advanced skiers only (link to one lap of main 50 km course at Howe It Goes) – Virtual Challenge only

25/50 km Map

25 km Single-Loop Add-On Map

50 km Profile

10 km Sit Ski

10 km Sit Ski Map

Kids 5 km

Loppet (Classic & Skate) 5 km Mini Map

We reserve the right to revise courses at any time.

2023 Stadium Map

Actual Distances May Vary

Please be aware that it is difficult to create courses that measure exactly 5, 15, 30 and 25/50 km when using an established trail system. In addition, homologation standards allow for a shorter course if it contains significant elevation gains (or a longer distance if it is relatively flat). As a result, there will be slight variations between the posted distance and your workout device. Note that undulating terrain results in inaccurate distances being reported by personal GPS devices.

Aid Stations & Finish Line Food

All aid stations on course will be providing water, energy drinks, and gels or energy bars. For aid station locations check the maps above, relevant to your distance (top of Norwegian Woods/Madeley Road, Madeley Creek Loop, Porter’s Glide and the stadium). There will be fruit at the finish along with chili, buns and hot chocolate.

There will also be kick wax at the aid stations for those who choose to classic ski, in the event they need a little something to help them go up those hills.

A reminder that the Payak Virtual Challenge is a virtual event and any oversights or errors are the responsibility of the organizers and not the venue operator where skiing occurs. All ski conditions are for normal recreational use and grooming is subject to the area operator’s discretion.

Course Etiquette

Please follow the government and venue rules in the location for COVID-19 where you will be skiing, maintaining appropriate social distancing and being aware of the public not involved in the Virtual Challenge.

Be aware the trail system is open to the public. To ensure that everyone enjoys their experience, please keep to the right unless passing and yield to downhill skiers. Be courteous and go around slower skiers, whether they are racers or members of the public. Please do not skate over the classic tracks.

50 km Cutoff

You must be in the stadium for the second time within 2.5 hours if skiing the 50 kilometre event. For safety reasons, skiers arriving at the stadium after that time will not be allowed to continue.