Black Tusk, Rich RawlingCross Country Ski Loppet 2024

Whistler Olympic Park in the Callaghan Valley

The 2024 Payak took place on February 24, 2024. Results are posted. The highlight video below is from that event. Keep an eye on this website for the date of the 2025 Payak.

See a longer version of this video in Results - Videos section.

PNWL Interim Results

Two events in the Pacific Northwest Loppet Series have been held! If you skied at the Nipika/Panorama Loppet or the Ski to the Sun in Methow Valley, check your standings here.

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Stay Informed!

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New Paw’yak Sponsor

We are pleased to announce that Sea to Sky Veterinary Clinic is the Presenting Sponsor for the Coast Outdoors Paw’yak! Remember, the Paw’yak is a participation event to recognize all the four-legged friends on the dog trails, and the friendly competition is based on total distance. Click here to learn more about how the staff at Sea to Sky can take care of all your furry friends!

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Pacific Northwest Loppet Series

We are thrilled to announce being part of a new Loppet Series in the Pacific Northwest. The Sovereign 2 SilverStar Ski Marathon is joining forces with the Nipika/Panorama Loppet Weekend, the Ski to the Sun and the Coast Outdoors P’ayakentsut to make an amazing four-loppet series with six events in total. We hope that you’ll have so much fun with one of them that you’ll want to do them all!

Well, of course we think you win just by showing up and finishing all these great events. But if you want to win a cool prize then you need to be one of the top 3 women or top 3 men based on points. Points will be awarded based on your placement in your age category at each event (total of 6 possible races). So if you finish 1st in the 70+ age category that’s the same as finishing 1st in the 20 year old category. And the more events that you do, the more points you get! Points in each age category are awarded as follows: 1st – 15, 2nd – 12, 3rd – 10, 4th – 8, 5th – 6, 6th – 5, 7th – 4, 8th – 3, 9th – 2 and 10th – 1 point. And you will also be eligible for draw prizes from the 4 events. So come explore the Pacific Northwest on Cross Country Skis!

Click here to view details and links for participating loppets.

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Coast Outdoors – Free Shipping for Payak 2023 Skiers

Free Shipping for Payak Skiers!
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