If you have questions about your registration, please contact the Race Secretary. Do not contact Zone4 support as that is only for software issues and they have no authority to adjust registrations. The staff at Coast Outdoors also cannot help you with registration. Only a CVXC volunteer can help you; just click on the “Contact Us” link above.  We cannot change your personal registration after sign-up is closed.

Registration for the 2020 event is now open. Click on the button below to register.


Registration Timeline

Please see the Fees page for the registration timeline.


  • There will be NO day of race registration.
  • There will not be any refunds for cancellation out of the event for any reason.
  • You will be expected to ski (and will be timed for) the distance that you have registered for. If you do not ski that distance, you will not receive a time and will be disqualified.
  • Registrations are non-transferable.
  • Although we discourage changes to your registration, we will allow them with a $10 change fee until January 31 and a $15 change fee after that. ABSOLUTELY NO CHANGES WILL BE PERMITTED AFTER REGISTRATION CLOSE.
  • Although this is a free technique event, for those that plan on skiing classic only, you have the option of specifying the technique that you will be skiing as “Classic” (only) when you register. This will be reported in the results so that you can compare yourself to others also planning on skiing classic as well. However, due to the logistics involved in identifying those that selected classic and the fact that we do not yet have the numbers to justify running a separate classic event, we will not be enforcing technique and there will be no separate breakdown of classic skiers for prizing or otherwise.

After registering we recommend that you check the Zone4 confirmation list to be sure you have registered correctly. If you have not received an e-mail confirmation, you are likely not registered (don’t forget to check your Junk mail folder and spam software though).