Perking it Forward

This year (February, 2017 loppet), the Sigge’s Payak perk for volunteers and racers is $20 to spend at Sigge’s, our favorite nordic store. The race organizers (CVXC) will provide Sigge’s with the name of all racers in the 15, 30, and 50 K events, and of all our fabulous volunteers. You can spend that $20 on goods and services at the store between February 26 and September 30, 2017.

Sorry, the offer will expire September 30, 2017 and it cannot be transferred – racers and volunteers only. Click here to see how you can spend your loot! This offer has no cash value and is provided by CVXC.

WAX it UP!

There is still time to get your skis through a hotbox treatment at Sigge’s – this is like a deep conditioning for your skinny boards, and since they carry you over the snow without complaint, shouldn’t you show them a little love? Hydrocarbon and low flouro options are available. Click here for info on the hotbox.

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