2021 Payak Virtual Challenge

Want a challenge? Well, we have a couple. This year, we are offering a 25 km course. If you are skiing at Whistler Olympic Park, that is one loop of the standard 50 km course. Why not step up a level from the 15 km? Or try a harder climb but shorter distance than the 30 km.

If you are a strong skier, and want to try a new route, our course designer has a treat for you – a 50 km course that involves different terrain and is not loops of 25! This is a challenging course, so make sure you are fit enough to take it on. Ski with a friend, and make sure you have food and snacks. It involves the traditional 25 km loop, plus a loop that incorporates the Callaghan Country trails and some of the more challenging loops off Madeley Road.

Please note, the Callaghan Country trails are not groomed Wednesday and Thursday.

The additional 25 km course is NOT signed, please take a map with you. Enjoy!

Click here for 50 km single-loop map (25 km add-on to main loop)

If you have any questions or concerns about the Payak Virtual Challenge, please contact the event organizers and not those at the venue where you are skiing.

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