2015 Maps and Profiles

We have taken your feedback from the 2014 event and have made updates to the course. Click on the links below to view the new course maps and profiles.

Course Description Course Map Course Profile

15 km

Loppet (Classic & Skate) 15 km Map 15km Profile

30 km

Loppet (Classic & Skate) 30 km Map  30km Profile

50 km

Loppet (Classic & Skate) 50 km Map New 50km Profile New

10 km Sit Ski

Sit Ski Map New

Click here for the Stadium Map.

** Low Snow Contingency Maps**
Click here for the 50km Map.
Click here for the 15km and 30km Map.

We reserve the right to revise courses at any time.

Aid Stations

Aid stations will offer Q-Energy Drink, water, and Honey Stinger gels, chews and bars, for your nourishment by friendly volunteers! There will also be kick wax at the aid stations for those who choose to classic ski, in the event they need a little something to help them go up those hills.” Last to help your recovery, there will be Muscle Mlk for everyone at the finish line!

Course Etiquette

Be aware the trail system is open to the public. To ensure that everyone enjoys their experience, please keep to the right unless passing and yield to downhill skiers. Be courteous and go around slower skiers, whether they are racers or members of the public. Please do not skate over the classic tracks.

50 km Cut-off

You must be in the stadium for the second time within 2.5 hours if skiing the 50 kilometre event. Skiers arriving at the stadium after that time will not be allowed to continue.

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